Automate your accounts with BarTab & Xero

Eliminate the painful task of bookkeeping and have a real-time view of your profits by linking BarTab to Xero

Save time and money spent bookkeeping, with your sales and payments sent to Xero automatically.

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Key benefits

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BarTab is the only EPOS designed specifically for pubs & bars.

Save money

Stay up to date

With Xero updated daily, you can see exactly how your business is performing.

Control cash levels

Track all cash payments, expenses, and deposits to ensure every penny is accounted for.

Capture cash expenses

Enter cash expenses into BarTab to create bills in Xero. You can even set the account and tax status so you never miss a claim.

Keep an eye on variances

Track any variances between sales and payment with a Xero variance account.

Pain-free set up

We do the accounts mapping and set up for you, making it painless and error free.

How it works

Every day BarTab will create an invoice in Xero for your wet, dry, and other sales.

BarTab applies any payments you have received to the sales invoice in Xero.

BarTab will create a bill in Xero for any cash purchases made during the day.



Cash purchases

About BarTab

Easily manage cash, stock, and staff hours.

Access relevant, industry-focussed reports from anywhere.

Quick service at the bar or customer’s table.

About Xero

Xero is easy to use online accounting software that’s designed specifically for small businesses.

Work when and where you want to.

See your cashflow in real-time.

Invite your team and work together on financials.

Are you an accountant or bookkeeper looking to simplify your clients' businesses?

By partnering with Tabology you can earn commission whilst saving time for you and your clients. Contact us to learn more.

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